The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

A team at the intersection of banking and microfinance

Credit Officer in Mozambique

Every company is only as strong as its team. That’s all there is. A group coming together under one shared vision and one shared mission. Then, and only then, do we build a product, processes, create and wow our customers. But at the heart of it is who we are and why we’re in this.

That’s why it’s incredibly humbling to have two industry veterans joining us on supporting our missions. Douglas Pond and David Hamilton have a combined over 40 years of banking experience from every corner of the world, from every type of organization from micro-finance to private banking. Their experience in the industry ranges from practitioners to vendors, to having launched or seen launch thousands of products in countless financial ecosystems and overcoming challenges and obstacles in efforts to make their clients successful. And their passionate about their work, excited about the future and open to a world of new opportunities and old problems elegantly solved.

That’s why they’re a perfect fit for Mambu. They see the opportunity for change and improvement in the industry. They can see the socio-economic impact that proper access to credit and deposit services can have in emerging markets. They don’t shy away from the challenges ahead because the need is so large. And whether they were working for a bank, or working for a technology provider, they were driven then as they are now by the same mission that unites all of Mambu: to enable individual and emerging enterprises to pursue economic opportunities through ubiquitous access to financial services.

We’re thrilled to have them both joining on supporting us on this exciting journey ahead.