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Announcing Mambu 2.3

The last release of the summer brings over 100 minor improvements, more advanced accounting, greater customization and all new communication channels with your customers. With accruals accounting organizations can now adopt best accounting practices when managing their loan portfolios. Each product can be set up with it’s own fund source and control accounts giving organizations more flexibility in organizing their books and simplifying the accounting-setup process in Mambu. Debitor-level accounting is now also made possible with incremental and flexible account IDs.

Mambu 2.3 sees two communication channels opening with your clients include SMS and email. The existing SMS functionality has been greatly improved to allow the usage of custom field placeholders and an integrated gateway connection to Twilio for incredibly easy, affordable and global SMS notifications to clients. And for even lower costs and far more power, notifications may also be sent via email. With rich text or HTML templates, clients can be notified about all their financial transactions, for upcoming repayments due or for any loans which are past due.

Lastly, we’ve introduce a new set of advanced security settings to help enterprise organization even further strengthen their security when using Mambu. From setting session timeout limits to user password restrictions, administrators can help their users execute best practices in keeping their accounts secure. Organizations may also define IP access restrictions to only white-list trusted IP addresses to access Mambu. Combining this with our existing security features and infrastructure ensures that financial institutions have the highest level of security possible.