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Announcing Mambu 3.0

We’re thrilled to announce our Mambu 3.0 release bringing many great new features, a cleaner interface and an exciting preview.

Mambu 3.0 makes it easier than ever to work across accounts by introducing account transfers and linked accounts. With an entirely new lending methodology of fixed schedules we simplify and support the unique needs of microfinance organizations and their clients giving them greater flexibility on how they pay back their loans. By introducing attachments & activities at the account level, it’s now even easier to track and manage your loan documents as well as to see all non-financial account events. Multiple index interest rates enhances the power of working with index rates on accounts while new collection sheet views make it easier to collect repayments from the field.

Developers, integrators and partners should also be excited to see new APIs such as for storing full client and loan application details, backdating transactions and performing account transfers. With the addition of automatically triggered webhooks and opt-out notifications entirely new integration possibilities become available.

We’ve also improved the general look and feel and usability of Mambu by adding contextual help and page titles, simplified tabs and reduced clutter with collapsable form sections. We’re confident the many small improvements will make using Mambu more efficient, more enjoyable and will help onboard new users faster.

Last and most exciting of all, Mambu 3.0 now includes a preview of the Client Portal: giving financial institution’s end-clients the ability to manage their accounts online. This feature is currently in a private beta but stay tuned for a full announcement and tour.