The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

Announcing Mambu 3.1

With our first new release of 2013, Mambu 3.1 provides powerful new loan security and tracking tools as well new customizations to make Mambu your own and understand microfinance data.

Securities and collateral tracking allowing organizations to reduce and manage their risk from uncertain loans. Taxes tracking simplifies the tedious process of having to track and account for various taxes associated with providing financial services. Custom field sets are a powerful new feature allowing organizations to effectively completely customize their data collection forms to suit their unique needs and processes while a whole new slew of list filters allow users to drill down and identify and analyze portfolio and client information like never before.

In addition to these major new features we’ve made dozens of minor improvements, fixed a lot of annoying bugs and opened up even more functionality with new APIs for the developers and technology partners.

We expect this release to be just the beginning of an exciting year ahead for the Mambu platform. As our development team has more than doubled in size from last year you’ll see more great new features and improvements in 2013. Our product goals remain the same as ever before: to make it easier for organizations to manage their portfolios, to understand their clients, to measure their social and financial impact and to grow and improve their businesses to better serve their markets.