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Announcing Mambu 3.3


Mambu 3.3 is an exciting new release with ten major new features and nearly a hundred improvements and bug fixes to go along with half a dozen new APIs.

Most visually prominent is the redesign of the standard reports to include rich interactive visualizations for indicator dashboards allowing users to quickly compare vital KPIs across products, branches or credit officers and visualize portfolio revenues and expenses over time.

Contextual field editing gives users the ability to update vital client and account information with a single click, track changes over time and quickly add or removed custom fields from any profile. Combined with the ability to include custom fields in all views, rich new workflows and analytic are now faster than ever before.


As our customers quickly grow larger, they will find the ability to organize user via roles incredibly helpful to manage their teams. Create profiles for loan officers, accountants, credit supervisors, auditors and others to be able to easily grant or revoke access rights across an entire user group with a few simple clicks.

Other useful new features include the ability to stagger disbursements within a single group or business account, track taxes on fees and penalties, require two-man rules for approval workflow and apply relative date filters to all your custom views. Download the release notes below to learn more or contact us for a personal tour.