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Announcing Mambu 3.4: Custom Workflows, Contextual Reports and Multicurrency

Mambu 3.4 Release Note

Mambu 3.4 is our first major release of 2014 and brings with it more than 40 new features as well as more than a hundred improvements and fixes.

Contextual reports now put all your custom-built reports exactly where you need them: associated with any client, account or transaction you might be looking at. You can also quickly generate PDFs, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets for internal review, to send to your clients or to other stakeholders. These contextual reports will also help with making credit review decisions, with your social and financial performance reports for branches and staff as well as enabling easy but great looking custom-designed customer statements.

Custom view and workflows reshape how users can interact with their clients or accounts on a day to day basis. Credit officers can create views to quickly follow up on accounts in review, accounting pending application or for marketing new products and services. Collections can be simplified by letting staff quickly call, send SMS messages or follow up with overdue accounts, while managers can create powerful reports with any combination of columns or filters on the fly without needing to call on IT support.

In addition, two major new features are also now available on a selective basis in a beta mode: working with multi-currency loan accounts and managing cash with tellers. Both of these modules will see further development over the coming year allowing for much more complex financial products and diverse servicing methodologies through tellers, field staff or 3rd party banking agents.

Our Mobile Android app will also be updated to allow capturing new client and account applications on the go, along with dozens of other new features and smaller improvements

To learn more about all the other latest features, download the release notes below to learn more or contact us for a personal tour.