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Announcing Mambu 3.7: Custom Channels, Real-Time Accounting & Task Templates

Mambu 3.7

Mambu 3.7 is our fourth major release of 2014 and brings with it dozens of major new features and hundreds of improvements and fixes.

In the latest release, we have allowed organizations to define their own custom channels on which they interact allowing them to better track incoming and outgoing transactions through various digital and physical channels; capture data about the transactions; and account for them separately. We’ve revamped our accounting engine for real on-the-fly accounting reports to be able to generate balance sheets, profit and loss reports and trial balance which is accurate up-to-the second. We’ve also greatly enhanced our rescheduling and refinancing processes, allowing for more flexibility topping-up and writing off partial loan amounts, rescheduling into different products and more.

For day-to-day use we’ve given user the ability to create and use pre-defined templates for tasks, to create and customize views on account transactions and system activity, track rejected clients and navigate between branches, centres and users.

The latest Mambu version also adds brand new API calls to work with custom views, custom transaction channels and filtering and searching for branches, centres and users.

To learn more about all the other latest features, download the release notes below or contact us for a personal tour.