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Announcing Mambu 3.8: Enhanced Customization & Security Certification

Mambu 3.8

The year really is flying by quickly for our engineering team, who’ve just completed work on Mambu 3.8. As our fifth major release of 2014 we focused on enhancing the customization features and strengthening security features through the application.

In this release, we’ve really enhanced how organizations can create on-the-fly reports and interlink information between their clients, accounts and transactions. Mambu 3.8 makes it possible to determine in seconds, for instance, which clients between the ages of 24-35 who have an SME loan product, live in South London and have less than $100 balance in their accounts. This makes on-the-fly reporting and data investigation fast but also enhances the ability to create custom workflows for different user groups and working with sub-segments of customers and accounts whether for origination, servicing or collections.

Amongst the dozen of other new features, we’ve added the ability to reuse custom fields across multiple products and given group-level access rights to editing fields. This allows organizations to restrict access to data and ensure that only a subset of users (or systems, if they use the APIs) are able to modify critical client or account data. An exciting enhancement that should greatly reduce late repayment rates and simplify collections is the ability to automatically send repayment due reminders and in-arrears notifications any number of days in advance or after a payment is due.

Setting up a series of fully customized and personalized Email and SMS notifications at various stages of the payment cycle will enable organizations to build stronger ties with their customers and smoothly escalate and automate collection processes while keeping it personalized.

Mambu 3.8 also saw a wide addition of many enhanced security features such as password re-confirmation on critical user actions, preventing weak user passwords, disabling browser-autocomplete on critical fields, enhanced request validation and more. Working with external testers we are constantly enhancing the security capability of the solution to prevent external or internal attacks. These efforts were recently recognized with Mambu receiving the Plynt Security Certificate.

To learn more about all the other latest features, download the release notes below or contact us for a personal tour.