The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

Announcing Offline Support for Mambu Mobile

Mambu Offline

We work with a growing number of financial innovators, who are innovating both in the simple tailored banking products that they offer to underserved customers, but also in the channels they use to deliver those products. Whether it’s online, via mobile, or through facebook, increasingly these new financial institutions are going out and engaging with their clients where they are, rather than waiting for them to visit an office or branch.

What that means, in particular for those working within emerging markets in rural areas, is that servicing these clients means going out into the field. In physically remote locations, the challenge is how to ensure that products can be offered and serviced appropriately in these areas. With an increasing focus on emerging businesses, the size of the loans is also growing.  Only recently, we started working with Opportunity International China, who will be offering loan amounts to SME businesses in rural China of up to $1 million. We know that the Mambu Mobile application is an invaluable tool that enables them to have access to all the client and account data in the field with just a basic mobile data connection.

That’s why we’re excited today to announce that Mambu Mobile now supports fully offline capability. For staff who are going into areas with unreliable internet connectivity, Mambu Mobile will now fully support the ability to work offline and sync back to the cloud platform when a connection is re-established.

With the latest release, Mambu Mobile allows users to securely:
– save any clients and accounts for offline processing
– create new prospective clients and account applications offline
– update clients and account personal details while offline
– capture transaction details (repayments, deposits, etc) while offline
– sync offline transactions when reconnected to internet
– identify and resolve any sync inconsistencies

This new functionality could radically reshape how innovative micro and small business lending organizations can reach and service their clients especially in emerging countries. The Mobile App also continues our philosophy of enabling an open developer ecosystem and has been built on top of the public Mambu APIs and released to the public as an open source project.

To learn more about Mambu Mobile’s features, download the user guide or contact us to learn how we can help you better reach and service micro, small and medium businesses with the banking products they need.