The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

Bringing A Banking Product to Market in 5 Minutes

Finovate Asia 2013

Last week in Singapore, we were fortunate enough to be chosen to present Mambu at the Finovate Asia conference: a global conference showcasing the future of banking and financial technology.

In seven tightly packed minutes we described the opportunity to bring banking to the underbanked, and demonstrated how Mambu can rapidly design, deliver and begin servicing a complete loan product.

The intent was to illustrate the speed of innovation that needs to be adopted within the banking domain and how new technology provides a new-found ability to go after previously unreachable market segments.

Banks, microfinance institutions, telcos and greenfield startups have a unique opportunity to make a socio-economic impact on the world, by extending the reach of banking services to the 250M emerging enterprises and 3B individuals who currently are excluded.

Not only is this a lucrative opportunityclamoring for financial inclusion.

As internet and mobile allow for new distribution channels and as regulations encourage new market entrants, Mambu is providing the platform to bring these essential banking products to market quickly and affordably.

The landscape of banking has never been more ripe for innovation.