The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

Future-gazing 2014: The year traditional retail banks are challenged by the cloud

canary wharf

For as long as anyone can remember, retail banks have been large, powerful monolithic institutions.

Their imposing scale, scope and size have historically been reassuring aspects to the humble customer, but in our opinion this has now become their achilles heel.

Mambu’s co-founder and CEO Eugene Danilkis explores the emerging threat from newcomer lenders, challenger banks and new non-siloed technology systems, in a blog written for bobsguide, originally published as part of their ‘Future-Gazing 2014’ series.

Will banking start-ups really be able to displace the major business lines of established powerful banking giants? If so, will their advantage be of technology, speed, or of brand? Or are the established banks reacting fast enough to survive? Will they be able to rewire themselves and their own internal IT architectures and processes to be faster and more in tune with the needs of customers?

You can read the full article on bobsguide.