The Rise of Fintech and Banking Disruption

SaaS for Financial Inclusion in Mexico

In Latin America, there’s a lot of buzz around Software as a Service and leveraging the power of the Internet to be able to deliver services faster and cheaper. It’s no surprise as going online gives small and medium businesses the power to catch up and compete with the incumbents on a more playing field level: allowing them to leverage their agility, personal services and local market presence to gain competitive advantages. And with affordable internet penetration growing at staggering rates in markets like Mexico, SaaS is clearly the future for businesses and the internet is the next wave to reach and service consumers.

That’s why we’re thrilled to see our partner Sysde encouraging conversations about the power of SaaS at the CONAMIC 2012 conference in Mexico. From foundations, NGOs and developing organizations to SOFOMs, SOFOLs and MFIs, the Internet really opens a new horizon on how to deliver financial services affordable in even the remotes areas. After-all, financial services are at their core about people and information and nothing has proven more effective in connecting people, connecting businesses and moving information than going online.